Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Countryside Photo Shoot: Part 3

My favorite summer outfit this year was this simple black H&M romper. It was so comfy I barely felt it on me and with all that leg for show it could easily be dressed up for a sexy night out. The only issue I had with it is typical of all rompers: when nature calls, the whole thing needs to come down. I like to pair it with these black and gold tasseled flats from Aldo and some funky jewelry to jazz up the all-black ensemble. The Bantu Girl lent me this yellow beaded necklace from Kenya that happened to match quite well with the photo shoot's locale.


  1. Working the S curve! I'm so proud!

    1. Thanks, lady! Just trying to do what I can, you know?

  2. So beautiful... I've always loved that super smile of yours.


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