Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blog, Inc. Book Tour Hits New York City

Veteran bloggers and wannabes, if you're in need of little bloggy boost Joy Cho of the popular Oh Joy! has been touring for her new book Blog, Inc. and today she'll be swinging by New York City's West Elm on 62nd St. and Broadway at 6:30 p.m. The handbook, the latest in the Inc. series that includes Craft, Inc., Creative, Inc., and Mom, Inc., features expert advice on starting and growing your blog, finding your voice, design tips, beating writer's block, attracting readers, monetizing your site, and how to stand out from the pack.

Here's a little book trailer featuring Chloé Fleury's cute paper cut animations:

Personally, I've been blogging for the past five years and sometimes I still get tripped up on what to write about, how to keep content fresh and interesting, and how to stay motivated year after year. After a while you think you've truly covered it all, but I find that once you step away and turn the focus back on your life and the things that bring you joy, then you discover new things to share with your readers. It's hard because there are so many wonderful blogs that seem to do anything and everything you could think of about a thousand times better, but you just have to do it for you, be genuine, and the rest will follow. If it doesn't, at least you're making one person happy in all this: yourself.

To RSVP for tonight's event, which will include a Q&A session, or her following stops in Los Angeles and Austin, visit West Elm's Facebook page.


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