Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Hey all! Just popping in to say we've pretty much made it through Hurricane Sandy in New York City. There was a lot of damage along the shores including flooding and loss of power, but thankfully everything's okay on my end. I've spent the last few days quietly tucked away at home, reading, taking hot baths, and listening to the wind raging outside. Because I was in Europe when the last major storm came our way (here's looking at you, Irene), I was a little nervous about what might come especially once the city decided to shut down, but I barely felt a thing compared to others who weren't so lucky.

Most of us will be stuck in our neighborhoods since our subway system will take a few days to drain out and repair, but limited bus service will begin this evening. Hope everyone made it through the storm safely and without any major losses. Enjoy the mini break if you have it. Being a freelancer + slave to the Internet, I'm not as lucky.

P.S. Did any other hurricane survivors spend Monday just stuffing their faces? Because according to my Facebook newsfeed a whole lot of people just used Sandy as an excuse to gain 10 pounds in 24 hours.

Image: latino.foxnews.com


  1. We spent most of Monday cooking, we made a lasagna and pulled pork which we will be consuming today.

  2. I made hurricane cookies! :) http://lookingformypearl.blogspot.com/2012/10/post-hurricane-sandy-update.html

  3. Ordered chinese yesterday (yes they delivered!!). And just bought dominos today. We also baked a cake, cupcakes, and cookies. But other than that, we didn't eat much... =/

  4. "Didn't eat much??" Woman, you guys couldn't pop open one of the million Lean Cuisines you bought instead?

  5. I had Mon + Tues off from work and I thought I would get lots accomplished at home. Nah. We just sat around. Glad you are ok.

  6. I wondered how you fared so I am happy to read this 3 weeks late. It is fared and not faired right? I'm losing my mind.


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