Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ripple Effect

This weekend was so packed to the brim with activities, I'm glad I took an extra day off. A.'s mom came to visit for his 30th birthday and we spent the last three days walking around, checking out art exhibitions, eating out, celebrating with friends, meeting new people, and then walking some more. You know how much I love to walk so imagine how much ground we covered if my legs are sore right now. A.'s mom even met my family over Sunday brunch and the day couldn't have turned out nicer for the occasion. The Bantu Girl also happened to be in the city (she and A. share the same birthday) and we convinced her to extend her stay and crash with us to ring in her special day with our buddies.

Now remember those creative ideas I'd mentioned last month? I'd been running around working on a few projects for A. and his mom every spare moment I had for the last few weeks right down to the final moment. Planning, organizing, and executing it was stressful and yet so much fun that I was thrilled to finally hand them off to their recipients. (I can't wait to finally show them to you!) Last night, after giving A. his birthday present - a labor of love that roped in his family and friends - and seeing his overwhelmed reaction, I knew it was all worth it. I floated all the way home this morning still trapped in that giver's bliss.

So that coupled with the sweet happenings I had with my family and friends this weekend made me realize that I get so much out of doing nice things for others. If there were a way that I could spend all my time dreaming up and creating bits of joy to hand off to people, I would be one happy lady. It feels amazing to touch others in such a powerful way, all stemming from genuine love for one another. No matter how small you think it is or even how much effort it takes on your part, the result is so worth it. I figure I can't affect an entire planet through my ideas and actions, but if I can just make the small circles around me ripple with affection and then those people were so moved to carry those wishes on, imagine how much nicer our tiny corners of the world would be?

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