Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Zara Home Opens Online Shop in U.S.

Today, international brand Zara opened the doors to its online shop for its home products. The offerings include comfy and cozy quilts and bedding as well as tableware, décor accessories, bathroom pieces, and textiles. These fall under four collections: the Country line, which is a nature-inspired spread of neutral colors with fur and velvet accents; the Contemporary collection, great for Brit and Union Jack flag lovers; the Ethnic line with colorful florals and paisley motifs; and the self-explanatory White collection.
While the white and gold bedding sets are a bit *yawn* to me, I like the more colorful selections like Camila or Fleur pillows especially now that it's so dreary and dark in my apartment. And because my building still hasn't gotten the memo about turning on the damn heat when it's cold outside, a new fleece throw or two would be tons better than going to bed with a long sleeve shirt + sweater + tights + pajama pants + socks + gloves + a blanket + a quilt. Seriously.

Oh, and parents, there's a whole Home section for kids with really cute bedding and tableware. Geez, I wish I had such nice selections when I was a child instead of having to settle in for the night with a bunch of cartoon characters. Then again, did I care? (No.)

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