Monday, November 26, 2012

A Brief Moment

Well it looks like a girl can only try to squeeze so much into her time before she finally realizes she needs to hunker down and focus on the big stuff. Between working full time and prepping to launch a small business, I hardly have much energy left for writing fun posts. *Womp, womp* I know, but instead of struggling to squeeze in my hellos to you, I think it'll be better if I step away for a wee bit and then come back fresh and brimming with ideas. At least I hope I do.

In the meantime, tell me how were your Thanksgivings? I rarely eat much at those things because I just get so excited about catching up with the family over dinner and before I know it everyone's gone and I'm...hungry. And because I value my life more than I do shopping, I didn't venture out into the madness on Black Friday. Have you gotten started on your holiday shopping yet?

I'll be popping in soon with some cute holiday cards for sale so sit tight and I'll be back before you know it. (Maybe even sooner if you're lucky!)

Image: taken by the Bantu Girl and edited by A.'s friend Tommi

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  1. Good luck Dorkys with your new ventures. I will miss your posts during your mini-break. But look forward to seeing your holiday cards. Thanksgiving full of food that lasted for 4 days.


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