Thursday, January 31, 2013

Disney's Paperman

I'm a sucker for Disney movies. I know they're for children, but damn if they don't hit you right in the gut. My friends and I recently drove down to Virginia Beach again to meet our friend's handsome little baby and we were treated to not one, but two Disney films: Tangled and The Princess and the Frog. Don't ask if her four-year-old daughter was even around for the majority of it.

This week, Disney released its Oscar-nominated silent short Paperman online in its entirety and it features a new art technique that seamlessly blends CGI with hand-drawn animation. The result is quite gorgeous and the story, about a New York City missed connection, is based on the tried-and-true, but with a sweet twist.

P.S. It totally reminds me of Signs, another short film released in 2009.


  1. I love when these animated shorts come out. They're so cute!

  2. The Disney films are pretty fantastic. I haven't viewed any short ones as of yet. Once I have some peace in here, maybe I'll hit the play button and watch. Their attention span tonight is...not currently available.

    1. So did they watch? I feel they'll get a kick out of the final moments.


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