Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Flowers

A few times a week, A. will pick me up a flower, send a midday photo text during lunch, and then present me with his gift at the end of the day. He began doing this in November after noticing that the florist next to his new job asked passersby to take a fallen bud from a table. Even though he says it takes him no effort or money, I not only adore the gesture, but have come to appreciate the thought he puts into styling each flower for its shot.

Three years in, it's a cute and lovely surprise. The man who's never been into the flowers, the chocolates, or any of that romantic Valentine's Day hoopla, has me suddenly smiling and feeling as if I'm being wooed all over again.

Images: dontfeedanimals on instagram


  1. That is so sweet!

    Has it really been three years??

  2. When I saw this on FB, I smiled. Reading it again, it made me smile again. Very sweet. I wish there were something so simple and inexpensive we could do for men in a similar nature. That is...only when I'm not angry with him would I consider it....


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