Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ayla Nereo's "Feathered Bow"

A few days ago A. sent along a link to Ayla Nereo's "Feathered Bow" and I've simply fallen in love. The effortless quality behind the harmonies, the playful nature of the beat, how hope seems to weave its away through the song like a is beauty.

Today I'll be at the hospital for a CT scan, radiation planning, chats about drugs, and to finally hear what the oncologist has to say about chemo versus no chemo. I'll be holding onto these lyrics when what I'd really rather do is transform into liquid, into vapor, and flow out as fast and as far as I can from this corner, to leave behind all this heaviness.

And she sings:

"There was a flame, there was a flame, drawn deep within her chest, rest and rise, praying burned every moment. 

There was a spark, there was a spark, come from the same place, billions and billions of years ago, and she knows it. 

There was a while where it was wide, there was a wide waterfall down, water fall round her, only just born. 

There was a light, come from her eyes, there was a light, let it come in, choosing her sin every morning. Choosing to be saved, saving herself every morning... choosing her name, naming herself, every morning... And she sang, 'Don't unstring the arrow, I'm a feathered bow, I've got a long long ways to go still, long long ways to go…'"

Have a listen:



  1. Keep your chin up. Warm good luck wishes from cloudy England. My thoughts are with you xx


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