Friday, February 1, 2013

Love Notes from Porcupine Hugs

We might be working hard behind-the-scenes for our launch, but we're still rolling out the goodies. Check out Porcupine Hugs' Love & Friendship cards on sale now for Valentine's Day! The Little Town greeting card is a personal favorite and one that would work for friendly messages year round.

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of the cards that will be making their way into the shop soon.

A. has been helping me design a website and fingers crossed that our relationship can withstand the partnership because holy crap has it been trying at times. Both because of my expectations and because he likes to remind me that I'm not a web designer every chance he gets.

Have you ever tackled a big project or handled business with a significant other? I hope mine knows I plan on paying him back in kisses and lemon chicken.


  1. House projects. Yes. And they are dreadful with him. Getting him to slow down and put a little of the perfectionist touch on things has been....trying. So, Sooooo trying. You'll withstand though. Just be kind to one another as best you can. :)

    1. Well I think we're managing along well. He's been putting so much effort into it and I guess I have to admit he knows a bit more on that technobabble than I do.


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