Monday, February 11, 2013

Three Cozy Throws

Aside from an old quilt, my warm bedding options have been pretty meager. Maybe others had somehow noticed too because in a matter of weeks I gained not one, but three new throws that have made my home so much cozier this winter.

1. This Chelsea Throw Blanket (Bed Bath & Beyond, $40) was so nice, it actually gifted twice. A., who'd been complaining of my bed's lack of warm and comfy bedding gave me the grey one as a Christmas gift. When we flew to Los Angeles days later, I discovered his sister had also bought the exact blanket, but in blue. Now I have one in both apartments.

2. My sister included the knitted Quotable Throw (Barnes & Noble, $35) in her incredibly thoughtful cancer care package. As soon as I pulled it out of the oversized Jonathan Adler Booked Bag Canvas Navy Tote (Barnes & Noble, $20) it all came in, we unfolded it and tried to guess which classic book contained each famous line. Then we did the same for the bag.

3. While I was having my lumpectomy last month, Dad took it upon himself to give my home a mini makeover with new bedding, curtains, and bathroom d├ęcor. My favorite item is this plush throw that's so soft, I love wrapping myself in it like a burrito before falling asleep. (Linen Outlet, 1447 St. Nicholas Ave. between 182 and 183 St., $15)


  1. Oh how do I love throw blankets, especially on yucky days like today. I have quite a few fuzzy ones and each monster has one of his own. Stay warm hun! Oh and did you paint the colorful Dandelions in the background? Either way it's very pretty!

    1. Everyone always asks that when they visit, but nope! I bought those two frames at Urban Outfitters when I moved in back in 2008. Always been tempted to try painting my own, but just haven't gotten around to it.

  2. Cute stuff. I love throws and tea on a cold winter day .... Cozy


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