Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring + Macaron Day

For the purposes of this post, I'm going to turn a blind eye to the fact that there's still snow on the ground to say thank goodness spring has arrived. It might still be too chilly to put the coat away, but at least the day has greeted us with sunshine and sometimes you've just got to take what you can get. Pretty soon I'll be able to squeeze back into my skinny jeans without needing to pair them with tights, use my phone's touch screen without freezing my hand off, and stop hearing A. go on and on about how "in L.A. you never talk about the weather because it's just sooo perfect and blah blah blah." I also can't wait to host picnics in the park and if all goes well, we might be exploring a new neighborhood before summer's arrived. Fingers crossed!

Today is also Macaron Day both in New York City and Paris so if you're a fan of the treat, browse through these bakeries around NYC to get a free macaron. Just tell the shop you're there for Macaron Day. A portion of today's sales at many participating locations will be donated to City Harvest, a rescue organization committed to feeding the hungry.

I wish I'd known Macaron Day was back again so soon. Then perhaps of baking mini baseball cupcakes for last night's World Baseball Classic's final game, I would have used my Christmas/birthday present from the Bantu Girl to give macaron-making a whirl. It doesn't seem hard at all and just think of all the filling options you could play with. *nom nom nom*

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