Monday, May 13, 2013


So I've started my calligraphy e-course and I have to say I'm slightly obsessed. I've been practicing every day for a week (save Friday) and find myself thinking about it when I'm not near my supplies. I'm still wibbly wobbly as I learn to "paint" the letterforms, but I'm slowly growing more comfortable with the pointed pen and today started linking the letters to learn how to properly kern - or space out - the letters. It's not as easy as it looks when there are so many loop-the-loops. (I fared better with "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" than I did with "hello.")

I've also searched around for a virtual calligraphy community and have found the super talented calligrapher Maybelle who teaches live classes around the country and will be popping into atelier Bellocq in New York City for two workshops on July 25. Check her Facebook page for more info.

One of my Souvenir Foto Shop teachers is also really into calligraphy. A browse through Miss Tristan B.'s Besotted blog yielded tips on great nibs, supply reviews, where to shop, and calligraphy fonts if you just want the pretty effect without the ink stains. As to where to buy, many recommend John Neal Bookseller and Paper & Ink Arts, which is were I bought my materials. The lovely thing about calligraphy is that it's incredibly affordable to take up. A nib holder and ink costs about $5 each and nibs cost less $2 apiece so you can easily play with a few to find out what lettering styles you like.

For some handlettering porn, check out Holly Hollon, Meredith Bullock of Hazel WonderlandCourtnie Johnson of Etsy shop Poppy Pedals, and Kelly Cummings' The Year of Lettering Tumblr blog. The hashtag #istilllovecalligraphy on Instagram will turn up images taken by students who've taken Melissa Esplin's I Still Love Calligraphy course. You'll find mine on there, too!


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    1. Hey there! How's it going? It's been a while, huh?

  2. I remember being super into calligraphy in junior high. It's so artistic. I still love it.


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