Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Stay Cozy

It was seven degrees in New York City this morning (SEVEN DEGREES!) and all I can say is thank goodness I work from home. I had planned to swing by the post office this afternoon to drop off some Porcupine Hugs orders, but after seeing how everyone else was reacting to the frigid temperatures, I figured maaaybe it can wait until tomorrow instead.

I was also planning on writing about my search for wall art for our apartment (because our walls are looking hella bare), but then I thought maaaybe you'd like to see some pictures of our place first. So I spent the morning staging a little photoshoot in each room and can't wait to share them with you tomorrow!

Image: ruffledblog.com


  1. I hope you put up some of your own art on the walls - it is certainly worthy.

    1. We're definitely going to choose a few of our travel photos to put up on display. Just have to figure out which ones out of all the thousands of shots we've taken over the years.


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