Thursday, February 27, 2014

So What's Really Good with Scandal?

After years of being nudged by everyone to jump on the Scandal bandwagon, I finally gave the show a chance this weekend (and dragged A. along for the ride). While the first season was pretty interesting with its twists, fast-paced timing, and "What the hell with happen next??", now that we're in season 2, we're rather...meh. The writing isn't exactly astounding and, frankly, Grey's Anatomy (writer Shonda Rhimes' first show) had more depth than this. I'll still watch because I'd love to get explanations at some point, but I just don't get what all this hype is about. Kerry Washington is still a rock star in my book, but her character Olivia Pope loses a few points with me when all she has to do is call up her Presidential Boyfriend to step in when her ass is on the wire. With everything so "high-stakes," it's a little mind-boggling and unbelievable that everything manages to wrap itself up neatly by each episode's end.

Do you watch Scandal? Why do you love it? And don't you dare spoil anything for me!


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