Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Windy City Bound

First off, hi! Hello! I'm here! February started up and I just got a stream of Porcupine Hugs orders to package and ship away in time for Valentine's Day. And then…well, then I don't even know what happened to the rest of the month. I've been hacking away at work, hanging out with friends, making homemade marshmallows, getting back into calligraphy and using my Wacom, and planning out new designs and products to release on the shop this year. So while things may have been a bit quiet on the blog front, trust that I've been doing lots behind the scenes. (Just take a peek at my Instagram feed.)

I've also starting planning a trip to Chicago with A. He's heading there for a one-day business conference and I'll be tagging along to explore the Windy City for the first time with him. I'm excited because it was supposed to be a stop on our road trip back in 2012, but in the end the group decided that hauling an RV into the city would not be a good idea.

I've already fielded some suggestions from friends and followers via social media:

- Burlesque show at the Wiggle Room
- Dinner at The Girl and the Goat and Scoozi
- An architecture boat tour (but unfortunately we're visiting right before the season reopens)
- Deep dish pizza at Giordano's
- The Shedd Aquarium
- Shopping along the Magnificent Mile and strolling through Millennium Park
- A drink at the top of the John Hancock Center
- Munch on the Chicago Mix (caramel + cheddar cheese) at Garrett Popcorn

The fact that it's still snowing around these parts makes me wonder just how frigid it'll be in Chicago when we arrive. We love to walk everywhere, but it might be uncomfortable if the wind is cutting up our face the whole time. Perhaps we'll spend our time hopping from one eatery to the next?

Have you ever been to Chicago? If so, I'd love to hear your recommendations on places to see and things to do!



  1. Uno's or Due's is better pizza. The Chicago History Museum is very interesting. This is good for seeing the city overall, and one of the routes is an architectural tour:

  2. Oh and if you're looking for a unique food experience, a ChicagoDog is something to try:

  3. I could keep going. Not sure how long you're going to be here, but a burger joint with lots of "attitude" is Ed Debevic's

    1. Thanks for all the recommendations! We'll only be there a few days, but will definitely squeeze in all that we can.

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