Tuesday, March 11, 2014

20 Strangers Kiss for the First Time in First Kiss

This beautiful video is so awkwardly cute. Directed by filmmaker Tatia Pilieva, First Kiss chronicles the brief encounter between pairs of strangers just as they're about to kiss for the first time. It totally helps that the 20 strangers chosen are really good looking, but I was smiling during the entire thing - from the first shy hello, to the nervous giggles and jokes to break the tension ("What's your name again?"), to that hot moment when they just go for it. And even though they were two strangers when they embarked on this experiment, it's clear that the connection lingered for the minutes that followed the encounter. After the first kiss was over, some remained close to their partners either in mutual embarrassment or shared triumph or they hugged in order to cling to that moment for just a bit longer.

What were your first kisses like?


  1. It's been a long long time since I had a "First Kiss" and they weren't anything like these...

  2. Hi Dorkys. You should write another post soon, because I enjoy them.

  3. I hope you are just busy kissing!! :)

  4. Its really funny to see them just before they start kissing each other. How uncomfortable are they before but picture change after they kissed.
    Thoughts before the First Kiss


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