Friday, August 22, 2014

Video Interview on Juggling Cancer, Life, and Growing a Creative Business

Earlier this summer, Vanessa Laven of and Survival Organs launched a video series in honor of her birthday and I helped her kicked things off! As a young cancer survivor herself, Laven wanted to interview other creatives about their personal journeys through "worst case scenarios" and how they juggled a small business with all the craziness of diagnosis, treatment, and recuperation. Watch my interview below to learn how I handled the rollercoaster of being diagnosed with breast cancer soon after creating Porcupine Hugs, how I struggled to reconcile my ambitions with my new limitations, and why I was too stubborn to let cancer change me.


  1. Good to hear your voice! For some reason, I expected it to be slightly deeper. You are definitely awesome, with or without the battle against cancer. I wish I could have listened to all of your interview, but it was just too emotional for me for personal reasons.

    1. Thank you, ChicagoLady, for the words of encouragement and for taking the time to listen to me blab despite it being a difficult subject. I hope everything's well on your end!

  2. Yes, it is good to see and hear you. Gosh that smile of yours never ends. :)

    You are one brave woman Dorkys.


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