Friday, May 27, 2016

{Happy Friday} I'm Trying to Make It So

Today has been anything but a thrilling Friday after an all-nighter spent in the emergency room (not for me) and then a botched MRI attempt (for me) this afternoon. I'm wiped out, but trying to find little things to make me smile before the beginning of our three-day weekend. Any fun plans for the coming days? I'm kicking mine off by snuggling on the couch and watching my favorite childhood movie, Anastasia. Below, a few more bits that have been lifting my mood this week.

The wiggle is too powerful.

Kwabena Foli's poetry Tumblr.

True facts about marsupials.

Poetry rains down on Boston.

Do you have an Instagram husband? (Don't lie.)

A poignant comic explaining heartbreak and healing.

A site that offers delicious menus and how to make them really cheaply.

In January, I took on a #366project on Instagram and have been sharing my calligraphy (almost) every day. I've also been writing a bit more and just landed my own weekly column yesterday! I'll be publishing personal essays and my thoughts on relationships, sex, issues that pertain to Latinas and women in general. In the past months, I've shared my mental health journey and learning to love my naked body.

By the way, I have some talented friends that you all should check out. There's my friend Danny, who years ago read a poem that was seared into my brain, moved to Portland last year, and has since been writing up a flurry of wonderful words. There's sweet and self-deprecating Cassidy who mesmerizes me with her songs. And my friend Ky has also taken on a #366project of her own by crocheting miniature creatures and has started putting them in her Etsy shop.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. True Facts About Marsupials - is engrossing!

    1. I laughed so hard. Especially with that jingle in the end... "Koalas in the f's given..."


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