Monday, June 20, 2016

National Stationery Show 2016 Recap

The National Stationery Show was back in New York City last month and I decided to suck up whatever residual shame I felt over pulling out of last year’s show and go say hi to my paper peeps. The future of Porcupine Hugs is still a question mark at the moment especially now that my freelance writing has kicked into high gear, but I still do enjoy being around so much creativity, talent, and pretty paper. Below, a few of the goodies that caught my eye this year.

1. My Etsy NY teamies had a booth at NSS this year! Doo Daa Studio, Angie Colombo Jewelry, Bugged Out, Soluna Soluna, Black Lamb were doing their thing in this year's debut booth. | 2. Free lemonade (and a look through their felt party decor) courtesy of Maypole. | 3. I know friends who'd be perfect for each of these Sapling Press mugs. | 4. More snarky magnets from Sapling Press. | 5. Katie of Idlewild Co. turned her painted patterns into this beautiful wallpaper for her booth. | 6. This Cherry Blossom Calendar by Brooklyn-based Quick Brown Fox Letterpress show the passage of time via these sweet letterpressed illustrations. | 7. I hosted Lark + Raven at my place last year when she was preparing to debut at her first NSS. Now look at her, killing it in year two! | 8. Pretty wrapping paper from Paula & Waffle, another sweet friend I made while preparing for last year's show. | 9. Letterpress + rose gold foil = satisfied bridezillas thanks to Kiss and Punch.

10. Congrats to the totally awesome Wild Ink Press on their Louie Award. This veteran has been exhibiting at NSS since 2011...right when I first started walking the show. | 11. Another second-year exhibitor, Canadian Sea + Lake Paper Co. showcased her style by painting them right onto her booth wall. | 12. New pencils by Offensive + Delightful for those who really just don't give a fuck. | 13. More colorful words from Offensive + Delightful. | 14. This year, Paper Lovely transformed into Ramona & Ruth, but Kim's style is still as sweet and delicate as ever. | 15. Each month of Made in Brockton Village's 2017 calendar features a gouache-painted cityscape and words from a literary writer describing that place. | 16. So many cute love and friendship cards from personal fave Fugu Fugu Press. That hug card in the middle is giving me the feels. | 17. Albertine Press press caught my eye with her chalkboard wall with a map of the U.S. showcasing their collection of city postcards. | 18. Mr. Boddington's Studio also pulled me in with their new city art prints.

19. Gold foil, color, and stars from LaLa Grace. | 20. This year's gold foil obsession continues... Gorgeous hand painted notebook covers paired with a bit of shine from Our Heiday. | 21. Mixed media cards made from cotton linters left over from the textile industry from fellow Oh My! Handmade Goodness creative Colleen Attara. | 22. Precious watercolored critters from Chic + Nawdie. | 23. Stuffed softies from fellow Etsy NY teammate Jumping Birds. | 24. Congrats to Paper Bandit Press on their Louie Awards (they're basically the Oscars of the greeting card industry)! "I love you more than Madonna loves pretending to be British." | 25. Fun new gift bags from Emily McDowell. Who else gets around the problem on that first bag by buying yourself a little sumthin' sumthin' when you go shopping for others? One for me, one for you... | 26. Sloth (!) art print from Pickle Punch. There were so many wonderful animals on her booth walls it was difficult to choose just one. | 27. I need these empowerment cards and art prints from Dayna Lee Collection wallpapered around my desk. "Push through the negative things you've been telling yourself for far too long. You are amazing and deserving of all you desire. Believe in yourself because you're believed in."

28. Foreignspell hand carves each stamp and then uses them to create her greetings, textiles, and wooden art prints. | 29. For the new P+C Poolside collection, Foreignspell teamed up with Chill Pins to add a little swag to these cards. | 30. Those cheeky Crassholes know how to get a party started with their pro foul balloons. | 31. Receiving this card by Everyday Valentine might be grounds for a breakup. #freelancelife | 32. I think Violet Clair should've included breakfast sandwiches as her giveaway because I could have totally gone for a bacon and egg sandwich after walking the show all day. | 33. That's a wrap on this year's National Stationery Show recap! It was so nice seeing my paper peeps while they were in town and can't wait to see them again next year. (Sign by Printable Wisdom)


  1. Your stationary fits right in there with the nicest ones.


    1. Man, in my eyes Porcupine Hugs needs a pick-me-up. I've been losing steam on that front and gearing up other parts of my career. It's hard to juggle all the things.


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