Friday, July 28, 2017

{Travel} What to Do in Tarrytown, NY

For Fourth of July weekend, I wanted to get away for a bit because I hadn’t been on vacation since the cruise April of last year. While I wanted to leave the whole country behind in search of seas and sand, I ultimately decided to keep things more local. So I chose a town north of New York City, hopped on the Metro-North, and got off at Tarrytown, NY.

The town, though much much smaller than NYC, is full of nice and calm things to do. Would I live there for a stretch? I don’t know, maybe? It definitely has its draws when NYC stress is wearing you out. Regardless, Tarrytown makes for a really nice day trip.

The current issue of Time Out New York has my tips on where to go and what to do while you’re there, but below are a few other spots you should check out that weren’t included in that story.

I saw a sidewalk sign outside Silver Tips Tea announcing it sold $1 lemonade to go and I couldn’t resist. I sat down on a street bench under a tree sipping my juice and watching the people walk by. I liked that this town actually had a pedestrian life with people milling about, popping into shops and eating outdoors.

Yogurt La Crepe, a self serve fro-yo place around the corner offered crêpes so I chose to have lunch here, opting for the imported prosciutto and fresh muzzarella with a mini salad. It wasn’t the best, especially because it wasn’t a true crêpe at all, but rather some type of panini pocket, but it was good enough. Also, I might have been really hungry by this point.

A 10-minute walk from Main Street will take you to Tarrytown Lakes Park, a 72-acre preserve with bike paths, hiking trails, and two lakes. Because its trail head was closer to the road and I didn’t want to venture too deep into unknown territory on my own, I walked toward the smaller lake. A few yards in, I found a clearing right along its shore, sat on a fallen tree trunk and just looked out at the water. All you could hear were birds or leaves rustling in the wind. I wish I could say I was inspired to write or whip out the sketch pad I’d brought along, but nope. A person or two would walk by, some would go, some would stay, but for the most part, that slice of land and water was all mine until I got up and walked away.

I can’t lie, I was still attached to my phone more than I would have liked. I took photos of the lake, messaged friends, sent them photos of this piece of serenity I’d found, and while walking and texting, a deer ran right in front of me! Had I been looking up, I would have seen it coming. Luckily, it stopped just a few feet away to hide and eat behind some bushes. I stood and stared and slowly walking closer to it until it’d had enough and walked deeper into the woods. And what did I do? I immediately text my friends, “A deer just ran right in front of me!”

A search for a comfy seat, air conditioning, a snack and WiFi led me to Coffee Labs Roasters back on Main Street. I enjoyed a hot chocolate—on which the talented barista drew a cute bear!—and did a bit of writing. It was starting to get later and I didn’t want to stay in town until dark. Also, my phone battery was getting low and I also didn’t want to be in town with a dead phone. So I went for my final treat of the day, a scoop of blood orange sorbet at Lighthouse Ice Cream and Coffee right by the Scenic Hudson RiverWalk. I stared out onto the water and the new Tappan Zee Bridge just until the sun set. Then I walked up the road to the Metro-North station and headed back home. It was a good day.

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