Sunday, April 22, 2018

Spring Routine

I’ve stayed away from this spot because a) I hadn’t made much time for personal writing until recently, b) I received judgment from people who read this space before getting to know me, and c) life + health have kept me plenty busy. But spring seems to be the time I come back to space after a hiatus. After Mr. First and I broke up (10 years ago…yikes!), I restarted my young blog in May 2008. I moved out on my own and brought my family and friends through that new phase along with me. When my relationship with A. exploded, I hid for months and was reluctant to reopen what was essentially a digital diary of a five-year-long relationship. In May 2016, I had things I wanted to share again. And now, in the twilight of another significant relationship, I find myself here again.

Since I last wrote:

• I started sharing my illustrations on Instagram and pushing myself much more with my art. The goal of publishing a children’s book/memoir is back on.

• I started a new position as senior editor at Parents magazine’s sister publication Parents Latina. It’s been a wonderful challenge and I’m happy to work alongside people who are as compassionate as they are talented.

• I recently had my exchange surgery…the final step (I hope) in my breast reconstruction after 2016’s mastectomy. The worst of it is over. I promise I’ll follow up on part 2 of the mastectomy blog post.

• I bounced between hopeful and hopeless on the romantic front. I won’t say where I stand now, but in the meantime I’ve been doing what I do best: filling the void with creative pursuits. Journaling, drawing, painting, guitar playing, on, and on.

My sister, who was this blog's first (read: only) reader back in 2007, keeps nudging me to blog again. If you ask me, I think she just misses those nights we'd stay up reading each other's diaries, but I'll take the push where I can get it. Let's see what stories and observations sprout this time.